hey gothicjump where u aaaat!!! Teiz!!!  It's coder sal up in this bitch lol

. . .this blog! Bwaha, you thought I was retiring from the internet, silly you! I am now going to be posting under the alias Parker, here, or at http://parker.co.nr/

Has been dead for quite some time, but I finally have summoned up the strength to take quite a bit of my time to set up a little tutorial to again, download and install Visual Basic 6.0

All the information is available here. (Also, bug gamemaster for deleting and making us recreate the thread, losing 500 views).

Well, I've been jumping around like a monkey on acid! Like, I've went from Cabal to Rohan to WoW to...well now I'm here. I'm back into VB, done a few things, sadly done with Cabal, ended at level 123 2nd best armor in the game and I'm very happy about it :D.

On the WoW server. I'll start working with VB soon, just gotta' find some motivation somewhere around here. *Looks around*

Also, I'd like to start joining some beginner forums. I know there are dead forums sprouting up and I'd like to help out :). Just post your link as a comment or PM me on Darket.

That's right, I've started a WoW private server! But, the only problem is, I have to get it to work. I'm having lots of trouble with it, so don't get your hopes up. I already have another head admin with me, but I'll be recruiting a lot of GM's when it finally get's up. So, here's to give you hope along the way, because, I need it, too:
1) Make Apache recognize Localhost [X]
2) Make MySQL work without error [X]*
3) Install WoW & WoW TBC [X]
4) Make MaGNOS work on localhost with Apache [X]
5) Start up the server, and see if it works locally [X]
6) Test it out with another computer [ ]
7) Launch an Alpha Version! [ ]
Currently: Working on setting up the host to be able to connect with other computers.

* = I got it to work, everything said successful, it installed successful, and it even said it ran successful, I'm hoping itself, stopped itself from connecting from some sort, because it said this in the command prompt after trying to run it: "Error connecting to localhost".
Also, I'd like you to comment if you like the idea, or if you think it's stupid. That'll give me motivation that people'll actually join/read my blog :).

I've created a twitter :P. It's pretty neat, so far. I, have no views on it *Sob*. But, who knows.